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Warcraft the TV show

Amanda Rivera

I'm sure that many of us would like to have more WoW time in our day. That's the reason I started reading WoW Insider, so that I would be able to be as close to the game I love while I was doing the annoying part -- working to pay for my subscription and the utility bills that run my computer. Now this doesn't mean I spend the majority of my day perusing the latest theorycraft threads trying to figure out the best spell rotation for a 5v5 arena battle versus one warrior, two shammies, a priest and a rogue. What it does mean, however, is that I look for interesting ways to tap into WoW when I am not able to log in.

So when Ray tipped us off that there was a new Justin.TV channel where I could watch someone level a character all the way to 70, I wasn't all that surprised. Sure it might sound a little strange to watch someone else play, but really, don't we do this all the time in real life? I know I have more than once sat down to watch another person run an instance I wasn't a part of. That's how I experienced the Sunken Temple for the first time. WoW Adventures runs without a specific schedule, so you will have to catch it when it's playing. I assume this is because Gelu Nex enjoys sleeping and eating on occasion, and I suspect might also need to do the annoying work part. If you would like to watch someone else play the game when you aren't able to, stop by WoW Adventures and perhaps we can nail down exactly how long it takes to get to 70.

[thanks Ray!]

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