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Animal Crossing MMO for the Wii confirmed

Mike Schramm

Our good friends at Joystiq are reporting that Edge, a European gaming magazine, has confirmed that the next version of the realtime animal friends/life simulator Animal Crossing will be a "social networking MMO" for the Wii. This had been rumored before, and it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's ever played Animal Crossing-- raises hand for both the DS and the Gamecube-- as it already works more or less as an MMO, and taking the whole thing to the next level will just make it that much more addictive as a game. And it will be fun to see what Nintendo does with social networking and the MMO format.

Of course, this probably also means that we'll have to start working the graveyard shift coming up with bells for that slum lord Nook again. That shifty raccoon is a slave driver, you hear me? A slave driver! At least now we'll be able to commiserate virtually together.

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