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ApolloIM creator interviewed on iPhone development


Chris F was kind enough to send along his long (and dare I say, a little silly-- look at that "cupcake deliciousness growth over time" graph at the bottom) interview with Alex Schafer, creator of what Erica called "the first native IM client for the iPhone," ApolloIM. After a short chat about the game that's got my vote for Game of the Year, Portal, they get into how Alex does his developing and how ApolloIM came together.

He calls IM the "one glaring omission from the iPhone," and says that while they're taking their time making sure things are just right (not to mention that he's got the sword over his head of third-party development), they're planning to come up with a product that fills that role of IM on the iPhone. Whatever Apple's plan for third parties turns out to be (Schafer says he's hoping for at least a socket and "20k of r/w space" for Apollo to work), he says his team is doing as much in advance as they can.

Definitely an interesting interview to check out. I hope Schafer gets his 20k and more-- instant messenging is definitely the thing I miss most on the iPhone as well.

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