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Bell to launch HTC Touch, include unlimited data for $7?


We've heard various whispers that Bell Canada is expected to release its own HTC Touch midway through the month of November to keep up with the Joneses, aka Rogers and Telus. We're fine with that and at a rumored $449 off contract, $399 one year, $299 two year, and $249 three year deals, Bell seems mostly inline with the other major's thinking. While we like the Touch, the more interesting rumor in this news lies in Bell's apparent decision to consider the Touch a normal cell phone -- and not a PDA -- thereby enabling it to use a $7 unlimited data plan. Of course, some traffic and usage exceptions will apparently apply, like no tethering, streaming, and the like, but seven bones for unlimited data! This is game changing in Canada's savagely priced data market and we're decidedly envious if this really comes to pass. Go Bell, go Canada!

[Thanks, RileyFreeman]

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