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Bronze Kettle auctions character art for Child's Play

Mike Schramm

It's that time of year again-- the time of gamer giving, and the good folks over at The Bronze Kettle are running a terrific event for Child's Play that is sure to bring in some great cash for the annual Penny Arcade sponsored charity. They're auctioning off a custom Starprints illustration, charm, and avatar of the World of Warcraft character of your choice. Starprints actually sent us one of their pieces for our recent fan art contest, and while they didn't win, they are definitely cute little charms, and a completely original piece of art for your character.

As of this writing, the highest bid is only about $31, but come on, people! This is for charity! If you have any interest in getting your character immortalized in a piece of art, get out those wallets and offer some cash. Not only are you picking up an illustration, charm, and a custom avatar, but you're supporting a great cause, too-- 100% of the sale price goes straight to the charity, which supports hospitals around the country with videogames and other needed items for children.

And stay tuned to the entire Joystiq network for more Child's Play related giving this year

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