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Image credit: and Halo 3 stats get a hot upgrade [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Other discoveries have been made including a global heatmap, Bungie Favorites archive and now you can use your 3D Spartan / Elite preview as your forum avatar. W00t!

If you make your way over to for some Halo 3 stats action you may notice a few cosmetic and feature upgrades. And even though Bungie hasn't announced the Service Record updates (look for news in today's Weekly Update) we spotted the changes yesterday, so let's get to 'em.

Heatmaps. Yup, Bungie added a multiplayer Heatmaps tab in the Career Stats section that allows you to look at each multiplayer map and see where you kill and get killed the most. It's what we in the biz call a "hot" feature. Moving along we also noticed some cosmetic changes in the Service Record's header. Rockin' a new honeycomb background the header now displays your rank and experience point details on the left with your rank, pin and campaign completion logos to the right. Back in the Career Stats section, you'll now notice that your Tools of Destruction area is sporting percentages and when you hover over each weapon it'll display a rendered in-game picture of the weapon instead of the blue and white outlined artwork.

There may be other Halo 3 Service Record features or cosmetic updates that we didn't see or stumble across, so hit the comments and speak up if you found something else. Otherwise, the new Heatmaps inclusion and overall cosmetic updates really add to the already feature-rich Halo 3 stats section and it's good to see Bungie is willing to make tweaks. Stats FTW!

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