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CoX's Sean "Manticore" Fish returns from hiatus

Chris Chester

As an unexpected benefit of NCsoft's recent acquisition of City of Heroes, old friend and story designer Sean "Manticore" Fish has returned to the public light, retaking his position as a contributor to the lore and overall story for City of Heroes. About a year ago, Manticore took a position working on an unnamed MMO project within NCsoft. By virtue of the relationship between Cryptic and NCsoft at the time, this meant that his contributions to the CoX franchise were indirect, if there indeed were any at all. Now that the franchise is secure in NCsoft's loving embrace, the erstwhile developer can finally be an open part of the community again, though curiously we've learned little about what he's being doing in the interim.

The general consensus on the official forum is a resounding "HUZZAH!" If you feel like giving Manticore some welcome back love, head over to the official forum thread and say hello. It's sure been a great week for the CoX community, hasn't it?

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