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European Uncharted demo arrives November 22nd

Jem Alexander

IGN has received word from Sony that the European version of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo will be available on the PSN store on the 22nd of November. Sure, it would've been nice if the US demo worked on European machines, but there are still conflicting reports surrounding the situation coming in from all directions. Sony's official line, as shown by their blog, is that it was a mistake and that they are in communication with Naughty Dog to see if it can be rectified.

Either way Eurodwellers only have a couple of weeks to wait for the official EU version of the demo, so it could be worse. Despite this, we're intrigued to see how Sony deals with the issue, as it will give an indication of how they truly feel about keeping the PS3 region free. We just hope this entire debacle doesn't reflect badly on what is going to be an excellent game.

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