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Gomadic QuadCharge reviewed, better than sliced bread


Every so often you get to play with a device you haven't used before and suddenly wonder how you ever got by before you had one. The QuadCharge from Gomadic is such a creature and after our extended play date with it -- by play, of course we mean left in place charging stuff -- we can't live without. Click on through the continue link for our thoughts and more pics.

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Anybody with a few handsets kicking about -- or iPods, PSPs and such -- realizes the hassle of plugging all your kit in when charging time comes to call. Gomadic has answered the call of the charging challenged with a pretty ingenious solution, the QuadCharge. Featuring four spots to plug in your precious friends -- and it'll accept almost any device you can dream up -- on a lightweight and lovely platform. The magic lies in Gomadic's power system which will work using 100-250 volts - or just about anywhere -- and outputs at 5.0 volts DC, with any other adjustment being made by the tip itself. We've not counted just how many tips are available, but it must be close to a hundred.

We managed to stuff an iPhone, aging O2 Xda Trion, Sony Ericsson Z710i, and BlackBerry onto the padded stand with no space issues. Devices charged in typical fashion, but without the clutter that four devices, their cables, and extension cords would normally cause. All the charging cables can be pulled out to adjust for the charging ports on various devices and the single cable that goes to the wall outlet is also adjustable.

This picture demonstrates one of the things we loved most about the space saving, clutter removing platform: all that charging accomplished and the outlet still had a spare plug. The QuadCharge comes with a lifetime warranty and will only wring your wallet for $49.95 plus whatever TipExchange tips you grab at $5.95 each. If you're looking for gift ideas, there's never been a better present for the gadget inclined

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