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No More Heroes: More Sylvias on the way


An announcement on the No More Heroes website says that during November and December, a Sylvia Christel cosplay event called "PLAYSYLVIA" will be featured. In the "web cosplay event," gravure idols will dress up as Sylvia and then do what they do best -- be photographed. If you like to see girls who look sort of like fictional characters, you will no doubt be pleased with this.

Could this be inspired by the amazing Travis Touchdown cosplay we featured yesterday? Probably not! It takes more than a few hours to plan an inititative like that and hire models and photographers and stuff. Also Grasshopper Manufacture seems to be pretty in tune with their target audience (otaku) and having pretty girls dress up as one of the characters is basic marketing for otaku stuff.

Check after the break for this week's new No More Heroes videos! They are comical, and also (as usual) very short.

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