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Olibith sits down to talk with Blizzard EU


Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've undoubtedly seen one of Olibith's many marvelous machinima features. We've highlighted a few of them here in our Moviewatch feature, and will undoubtedly do so as he continues to make films. However, it was left to followers of his blog to know anything more about the man behind the gnome. At least, until Blizzard EU sat down with him for a truly fantastic interview.

Some of the highlights of their community spotlight include how Olibith got his start in the field of machinima, how he feels the French (and international) machinima community is evolving, right down to how he manages to balance just the right amount of funny without going into overkill. For all of you budding machinimators and fans alike, this is one interview not to be missed.

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