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PAL Uncharted demo coming Nov. 22; US region lock a mistake

Ross Miller

Accidental region locks be damned, Sony Europe has confirmed (via IGN) that a demo of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for PAL PlayStation 3s is coming November 22.
Those of you who downloaded the US version on your PAL or Asian territory consoles may have found yourselves in uncharted (hah! we're punny) waters, as you would reportedly receive a message that asked you to insert a disc to play the game, essentially locking you out of the demo. According to SCEA Line Producer Sam Thompson, the prompt is an unintentional "bug."

"Please ignore this prompt and accept our apologies," said Thompson, in a nod that almost indicates Sony is supportive of (or at least apathetic to) PS3 owners using multiple ID names to download content from various regions. No word on when the demo will be ready for Japan, but hopefully eager gamers in the region can download the bug-free PAL version.

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