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RIM sues LG over phone names, "black" and "berry" apparently not okay

Chris Ziegler

RIM may be better known as a defendant than as a plaintiff in the courtroom, but Waterloo's finest have actually done a brisk business filing lawsuits over the past couple years. In late '06, RIM filed a complaint against Samsung for calling its i607 -- a phone suspiciously similar in appearance to RIM's QWERTY devices -- the BlackJack, though the two companies eventually came to an agreement that allowed the name to carry on. Knowing that RIM was playing hardball, Verizon approached RIM earlier this year and asked if it could slap "Blueberry" and "Black Cherry" on some of its LG wares; RIM rejected the request, so Verizon went ahead and used "Black Cherry" and "Strawberry" anyway (apparently Verizon's "request" was more of a notification than a request). Anyway, that whole ordeal has apparently worked RIM into a lather and it has requested the destruction -- yes, destruction -- of all LG phones with "berry," "black," or "pearl" in their names. Don't get us wrong, we don't really want to see millions of phones destroyed, but... well, we kind of do. Especially if they use a wood chipper or something.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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