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Is Norrath ready for Tuesday's patch?

Eric Vice

Everquest will always hold a place in my heart. One of these days I will go back. As strange as it may seem, there is a part of my soul that I left in Greater Faydark, high atop the tree city of Kelethin. I think it's the MMORPG place that always felt the most like home to me. Even in my later years and levels I went back to that city every night before I logged off. I wish somebody could identify and duplicate that "feeling" and put it in another game. Until such time, Everquest retains it's crown despite it's dwindling numbers.

To some this may seem like The Ballad Of The Sugar Plum Noob, but the good folks at SOE have kindly published some tips on their site on how to survive this coming Tuesday's patch with a minimum of anxiety or discomfort. To a certain extent, this information is good information for all of us who live in virtual worlds, not just the world of Norrath.

  1. Don't let the door kick your butt on the way out. In other words, get off the server before the engineers pull the plug. There's always a possibility of a game transaction being lost if your timing is off. I've also seen cases where a rollback has had to be performed and people who tried to further their characters in the eleventh hour got burned.
  2. Physician heal thyself, or at least get a necromancer to help. Sony suggests that even though the servers will attempt to clear corpses during maintenance it's always best to do it yourself.
  3. Be a shutterbug. The best way to protect yourself from maintenance-induced psychosis when your custom user interface becomes borked is to take a screenshot of it in all of it's pristine (functional) glory before the mayhem begins on Tuesday. A screenshot can be a useful tool for remembering what you had, and what you need to replace.
A definite hat tip is in order to the folks at SOE for their thoughtfulness in publishing these helpful reminders!

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