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Commenters: learn how to change your Engadget password, edit your profile

Ryan Block, @ryan

Did you know you could change some of the information in your Engadget / Weblogs, Inc. profile, including your password? We know, it's some crazy crap that every other site on the internets has had for years, but we do it too, and it just so happens it's not a very well documented feature. Until now, that is. On your Engadget profile page you can:
  • Change your comment password
  • See all the comments you've left on various Weblogs, Inc. network sites, like Engadget, Joystiq, Autoblog, etc.
  • Change reply notifications on your comment threads
  • Add or change your avatar picture (shown only on some sites, like Joystiq, and soonly Engadget)
Read on to learn how to do all this fun stuff (and more).

  1. Leave a comment, or find the last comment you left. Your handle / name will be linked to the URL of your profile, which will look like:[PROFILE NUMBER]/. The date / time is the permalink for the comment itself, so you'll want to hit the profile link to visit your profile (duh).

  2. On your profile page you'll see lots of information about your comment history. You can also hit "... Login Here" to log in and make changes to your profile. Even though this profile system is still relatively new, it will show the comments you've ever left. [Engadget trivia nerds will know I've have actually been commenting since we started in 2004. Apparently my account changed in July of 2005.]

  3. Once you're in you can do a number of things, including make edit your profile (and make it private); add an avatar picture (offensive / inappropriate avatars may result in a banned account); even change your comment password (huzzah!).

    Important note: logins on Engadget and Weblogs, Inc. sites are not persistent, so you'll have to enter your comment password each time you leave one. (We're working on improving that experience, of course.)

  4. Other fun things you can do: disable reply notification on comment threads you've started and see a list of all the comments you've left.
P.S. -Yes, we hear you: as we said multiple times in this post and in comment, we're constantly trying to improve our reader experience and are still working on adding new features, specifically persistent user logins, etc. We'll let you know when it's done!

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