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WoW Insider is on Facebook!

Amanda Miller

As many of you know, WoW Insider has been on Myspace for quite some time, and we decided it was time to invade Facebook as well. Be among the first to sign up to our group, or add my profile page for WoW Insider-related news!

We're always on the lookout for reader-submitted content, and now you can post your ideas, screenshots, videos, and fan stuff to the group. It may even appear on the site! Here is a brief, non-inclusive list of what we'd be happy to see:
  • Photos of your WoW space! If you think you have an interesting or unique WoW space, describe it in the group's discussion, or send us an e-mail submission.
  • Photos of your unique user interface! Chat in the group, upload photos, and more.
  • We're always willing to try out, and discuss, new addons. If you've made any, use any, love them or hate them, you can discuss them in the group (or as always, e-mail us!).
  • Snap your own unique screenshots and upload them for everyone.
  • We'd love to answer questions for WoW Insider, whether they are related to a specific column, or whether they are more generic.
  • Post your poetry or artwork; we want to feature more of it.
  • Chat about how much you adore us and everything we write.
Join our group and express your creativity, ask questions, tell stories, and share your opinions, artwork, and more! I promise, we are not as harsh as moderator kitteh.

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