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Apple posts 3 new Get a Mac ads

Scott McNulty

Ever since the iPhone was released it seemed that Apple was funneling all of its advertising budget into iPhone advertising. This meant a lack of those fun Mac vs. PC commercials that we have all grown to love. Luckily for us, Apple has just started airing three new entries into their 'Get a Mac' ad campaign, and i must say that these are the best yet.

All two of the three ads (Podium and PR Lady) focus on the general public's lackluster response to Vista, and the fact that some PC users are actually downgrading to XP. The Podium ad actually made me laugh out loud, which is high praise for a commercial.

The remaining commercial (Boxer) focuses on people switching to the Mac for its ease of use.

All of the ads have been updated with an iMac sporting Leopard's default desktop.

What do you think of the new ads? Sound off in the comments.

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