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Kmart breaks Mass Effect street date

Dustin Burg

That silly, bankrupt and out of touch retailer Kmart has pulled a no-no this weekend and has reportedly put copies of Mass Effect onto retail shelves before its scheduled release date. Cheap Ass Gamer and numerous other fanboys are reporting that Kmart stores nationally are selling Mass Effect before the game's November 20th release date and are being bought up as if they were semi-precious gems. And we're sure it was a simple mistake on Kmart's behalf (or a calculated ploy at foiling BioWare's launch plans), but it's one that benefits us so we're fine with it. Mass Effect fanboys run, no sprint to your nearest Kmart and demand an early release copy of Mass Effect. Just be sure to leave out the whole broken street date bit.

[Thanks, NukeAssault]

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