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PS3 Poll Police: How was the Uncharted demo?

Nick Doerr

The Poll Police have upgraded their patrol cars! Now, instead of rolling around in soapbox racers, they've got Pow-Pow-Power Wheels to help them do their jobs. All kidding aside, this was a fairly good week for news. We had the firmware update and a pretty impressive list of other things. However, one item did stand out in the weekly PS Store update and that is the Uncharted demo. We want to know what you guys thought of it. Be honest, as it is always the best policy when dealing with the long arm of the law.

What did you think of the Uncharted demo?
I thought it was excellent.
Nice graphics, tame gameplay.
Tame graphics, nice gameplay.
It was okay.
This was a terrible demo of a crappy game.
What's Uncharted? free polls

Our thoughts are to remain secret, as we'll be reviewing the game shortly after its release. We're hoping the final build is even better than the demo, as anyone rightly would. Who would wish for a game to be worse than its demo, anyway? If you're curious about last week's poll results, check it out after the jump.

Yeah, we yanked your chain, pulled a fast one, tricked you, whatever. We knew the firmware update was coming, but with all the hype surrounding it for the past several months, we wanted to see if people were growing more suspicious about the murmurs of 2.00 and from the results, we can see that you were. While the firmware update may not have been what the intertubes shoved down your throats as "what will happen", it's still nice to finally have it so we can lay the rumors to rest. Future updates will probably slowly add the other things we ask for, but until we get them, we simply don't know. Thanks for voting!

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