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Reader Survey: Leopard the (bad) little things

Mat Lu

Okay so now I want to turn the tables. We just posted on the good little things in Leopard. Now I want to focus on the bad or annoying little things. What are the niggling little things that make your time in Leopard less enjoyable? As before, I'll get you started with a few of mine.

  • Network mounts in the Finder sidebar are now in the SHARED submenu. This means an extra click to browse the network mount vs. Tiger.
  • The dynamic Dock folder icon in stacks. I find this to be especially asinine. The folder icon for stacks in the Dock changes to reflect the first item in the stack. This can be especially confusing when all you stacks now look the same because they all have sub-folders in them.
  • Because of the translucency, text in the menubar is no longer anti-aliased. This means that my MenuCalendarClock date and time looks worse than in Tiger.
  • Spaces isn't smart enough. It will sometimes pull you into a space you don't want to be in because of a dialog sheet.
Okay, so there are a few to get you started. What are your little Leopard annoyances?

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