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AFP app turns iPhone into a hard disk

Chris Ziegler

We thought the iPhone had already been mangled, twisted, and formed to do every bidding conceivable, but in case it hasn't been made crystal clear the thing's been busted completely and totally wide open, here you go: it's now nothing more than a hard drive. A clean slate, if you will, waiting to record whatever bits and bytes you care to push to it. It's all accomplished with a new little AFP server running on the iPhone (and the iPod touch too); the goods apparently aren't available in yet so there's a little work involved getting it going, but for the simple pleasure of watching your handset appear as a mounted drive on your desktop, it just might be worth it, no? As TUAW points out, this all leads to one-drag app installs and device backups -- among other wonderful things -- so we'd have to put this on our short list. If we were jailbreaking iPhones and installing apps, that is. Which we may or may not be.

[Via TUAW, thanks John A.]

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