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Asus intros F8P "Christmas Edition" laptop


While a Christmas Edition laptop probably won't strike many folks as the best of ideas, Asus looks to have avoided most of the obvious pitfalls with its new F8P model, which opts for a subdued snow white look that should look just as good year round. Further adding to the laptop's special edition status are some leather accents, including a leather palm rest and, of course, a matching bag to complete the package. Otherwise, the laptop looks to be a decent if somewhat unremarkable system, with it boasting a 14.1-inch WXGA display, a T7500 Core 2 Duo processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD2400 graphics, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, and a dual layer DVD burner, among other standard issue specs. If that's enough to put you in the holiday cheer, you'll be able to snag one later this month for €1,339 (or just under $2,000).

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