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Check Mii Out (sorta) borks Mii sharing

Eric Caoili

Users who've downloaded Miis from the Check Mii Out Channel will likely run into the same bug detailed in the video embedded above -- any attempts to send a Mii out to one of your friends will be stymied by the system's insistence in listing Nintendo as the receiver. We're pretty sure that Nintendo doesn't want all those Star Wars-themed Miis you've accumulated!

We tried this out ourselves, and we found that while Nintendo is listed as the recipient, your friend should still receive your Mii package. Also, exiting and reentering the Mii Channel fixes the glitch, blocking Nintendo out of the transfer. Looks like there's no need to draft any angry letters or petitions about how Nintendo is taking away your God-given right to harass your friends with Greedo Miis! Expect Nintendo to fix this minor bug up with a future firmware update.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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