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Mario brings his sexy back at 'Galaxy' launch party


"That's a real nice ass," blurted the DJ as Mario jiggled his backside in front of a Super Mario Galaxy backdrop. The scene was something out of "Mario's Bar Mitzvah," CAG's Wombat observed inside a crowded lot adjacent to New York's Nintendo World Store where an awkward clash of tweens, performing impromptu dance routines to yesterday's Top 40, and bundled-up twenty-somethings merged in the dwindling hours of a chilly Sunday night. Despite a Velcro wall and bungee run, some laser lights, and an abundance of Mario-equipped Wii kiosks, the Galaxy launch party never escalated into the full-on carnival that Nintendo had envisioned -- next time, don't forget the funnel cake.

The ringleader was too disoriented to command the crowd, perhaps punchy (it gets hot in those suits) as he latched on to an attractive mom. Urged by the DJ to bring his sexy back, we couldn't fault Mario for his diverted interest. But is it really cougar hunting season already?

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