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Mod your fingers into sensor bars


Armed with nothing but his hopes and dreams (and a large array of infrared LEDs, and also reflective tape, and let's throw "dreams" in there again), YouTube user Johnny Lee designed a method for using the Wiimote to track his finger movements. Basically, by sticking reflective tape to his fingertips and shining a bunch of infrared light on them, he made his fingers into a moving sensor bar!

The Wii Remote picks up the reflected light and tracks the fingers' motion as if it were Wiimote motion. He then demonstrated some custom PC software that uses this gesture-based interface, manipulating some grids around by pointing at them.

This is super cool, obviously, but it also gives us a weird idea: if this works, then it means that you can set the Wiimote on top of your TV and use the sensor bar as a controller. Except for the motion sensing, and, uh, all the buttons.

[Via Joystiq]

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