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Sony unveils slew of high-end AV cables in Europe

Darren Murph

Those who just seem to sleep better knowing that every component of their (Sony) setup has the same brand name on it may take pleasure in the fact that the aforementioned company is doling out a smorgasbord of new AV cables across the pond. Apparently, the firm's high performance AV series will include HDMI, component, SCART, optical / coaxial digital audio and stereo audio flavors, and they will all be marketed as perfect complements to BRAVIA TVs, VAIO PCs, PS3s and Sony Blu-ray players. These cables are purportedly a notch above the midrange lineup introduced earlier this year, and they all boast 24k gold plated connectors and are manufactured from 99.996-percent oxygen free copper (OFC). No prices are mentioned, but you can supposedly find the whole lot now in one, three and five meter lengths over in Europe.

[Via Cybertheater]

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