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Take Control books for Leopard help ease the transition


You haven't upgraded to Leopard yet -- what's the rush? -- but your friends and family are nudging you to make the move. Need reassurance, support and a helping hand to make the process easier and free of aggravation? The Take Control crew is there for you, with five ebooks aimed at Leopard upgrades and new users. Starting today you can also order print copies of the ebooks (a strange concept, but perhaps this "paper books" idea will catch on). If you buy the print book online you get the ebook version for free.

There are Take Control titles on upgrading, customizing, users & accounts, file sharing and font management in Leopard, which should be more than enough Leopard goodness for any one mortal reader to bear. All titles are $10 in ebook format except for the font book ($15). If you prefer a physical bookstore and want to pick up a guide to Leopard, check out Maria Langer's Visual Quickstart Guide to Mac OS X 10.5.

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