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Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer powered by GameSpy

Jason Dobson

IGN and Epic sent word this morning that Unreal Tournament 3 will use GameSpy's online technology for multiplayer match ups. The announcement makes sense, given that GameSpy joined Epic's Integrated Partners Program in August, marrying the company's technology with Unreal Engine 3 and permitting cross-platform play across both the PC and PS3.

According to a statement, both versions of UT3 will leverage off of GameSpy's tools for multiplayer matchmaking, in-game and out-of-game messaging, tracking players stats, VoIP messaging, and online ranking and leaderboards. However, while interoperability between the two versions of UT3 is expected, this still has not yet been confirmed. The game is currently earmarked on our calenders for release for the PC on November 19, while the PS3 version remains something of a mystery.

[Via press release]

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