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Windows CE 6.0 R2 to support videoconferencing

Nilay Patel

Although Windows Mobile generally gets all the attention, a whole spectrum of PMPs and GPS units run Windows CE (also known as Windows Embedded) with great results, so the feature list for Windows CE 6.0 R2 is a little sneak peek at what we might see in the next year or so. Microsoft isn't actually officially announcing R2 until Thursday at an event in Japan, but the changelog and a download have already appeared on the web for your eager eyes -- revealing the big addition of video over IP calling in addition to bolstered VoIP features and other obvious-but-welcome tweaks like SDHC support and Remote Desktop Protocol 6.0. No word on when OEMs will start rolling any of this out, obviously, but that's not stopping you from checking the whole list at the read link and dreaming of your own personal super-PMP, now is it?

[Via eWeek]

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