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Fable 2 and Alan Wake not at cancellation risk

Dustin Burg

After posting the rumor about an Xbox 360 game cancellation going to be announced this week, fanboys and the internet have been abuzz. Everyone is trying to figure out which Microsoft published title is getting the axe or if the rumor has any credibility. And today we're pleased to cross a few games off the list of cancellation possibilities with both Fable 2 and Alan Wake confirming that they're still in development and far from being canceled. Both studios were quick to distance themselves from this nasty cancellation rumor, confirming their green light status on their respective forums.

So far our top cancellation contenders have fallen through with Banjo-Kazooie 3, Alan Wake and Fable 2 all safe. So, what's left? We're done with our speculation, because honestly, we're starting to doubt the credibility of this rumor. But feel free to throw some more names out there, maybe more studios will start denying cancellation rumors and we can widdle down our potential list some more.

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