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Garmin's GPSMAP 5x15 and 4x10 units do GPS up large


With these two screens it's more about potential than actual application: Garmin built these GPSMAP displays to tie in to the "Garmin Marine Network" and provide a large display to show GPS, radar, autopilot, weather, sonar and other miscellaneous boating info on an easy to read screen. The GPSMAP 5015 and 5215 (pictured) feature a 15-inch XGA touchscreen, while the 4010 and 4210 sport a 10.4-inch SVGA screen with a keypad and a set of soft keys for using all your onboard gizmos. Unfortunately, none of this will do you much good out of the water, but we've had it with these 7-inch nav units the industry keeps foisting upon us -- we're ready to do it up boat style.

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