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Improve your Stacks with some drawers

Mat Lu

As noted in our recent (bad) little things about Leopard post, the dynamic Stacks icons are a bit of a pain. Basically the Dock icon for a Stack automatically changes to reflect whatever is first in that Stack (based on how it is sorted, by name, date, etc.). A clever Japanese user came up with a beautiful work-around for this annoyance with these lovely drawer icons, which is nicely explained for us Japanese-challenged folks here.

The idea is pretty simple. The icon pack features 18 custom drawer folders, and you just place whichever one you like in the Stack you want prettified. Then using a simple terminal command you change the date modified for that folder to well into the future (2020). Now when you sort the folder by date modified, the custom icon folder will always come up first and so give your Dock this great effect.

You can download the drawer icons here (download link) and the terminal jockeying is explained here.

Update: The original Japanese creator of these drawers wrote in to tell us that he's put up a "blank" drawer PNG (or right-click and download here). that you can use as the foundation of your own custom drawers.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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