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Keynetik's motion tracking prototype handset spotted in the wild

Darren Murph

Let's face it: the device pictured above isn't likely to arrive in America (in that form, anyway) anytime soon, but apparently, the hardware is the least important aspect. InfoSyncWorld was able to get its paws around Keynetik's prototype handset, which currently sports the same name and relies on a user interface with (surprise, surprise) the very same title, too. Apparently, this mobile -- which looks like a cross between a mobile gaming unit and a PDA -- includes a UI that is surprisingly intuitive thanks to the motion tracking support and its ability to take commands from two joysticks and four buttons. For instance, users can select icons by simply tilting the device in the desired direction and subsequently pressing a button, which reportedly makes browsing through tunes and contact lists a lesson in simplicity. Unfortunately, there's no telling if or when Keynetik's creation will ever go commercial, but feel free to check out a few more glimpses of the first edition after the jump.

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