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Mythos CM handing out beta invites in IRC and forums

Mike Schramm

Mythos beta invites are starting to fly out hot and heavy, and West Karana has two ways for you to get in on the Diablo-inspired hack-and-slash fun. As of yesterday afternoon, the community manager for the game was hanging around in their IRC channel (#mythos on giving out invites, and if you (like me) missed that opportunity-- although it might be worth a try just to sign in and see if there's any left-- then supposedly a post in the Mythos Guru forums' Official Invite thread will get you hooked up with an invite.

Now, I signed up on their website way back when, and I'm a little bummed that they didn't send an invite to me via email before tossing them around random IRC channels and forums. But then again, I guess it's a rat race out there-- every beta tester for him or herself!

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