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Pleasant patch surprises

John Himes

Like many WoW players, I was really looking forward to this patch, and by "really", I mean that I was scouring the 'net every day looking for new tidbits of information regarding the upcoming content. Disregarding the new holiday content, we haven't had a decent content update in several months. It seems like ages ago that I was eagerly delving into the, at that time, new Netherwing repuation grind. Now that I've had my drake for nearly six months, it was high time for some new content.

Even with all the pre-patch research I did, I need to learn to read the patch notes more carefully, because there were a few things that nonetheless caught me off guard. First of all, I was pleased to discover that my little mistake the other day was reversed, since the cooldown on Nexus transformations has been removed. I was also surprised by other little things, like the new log in the guild pane that records promotions/demotions and players joining/leaving the guild. And, of course, as always on patch day, people see things that they never noticed before and wonder if they were added in the update. I saw what I thought were some new planets in the sky above Nagrand this evening (pictured above), but my guildies assure me that they were always there. There were lots of other little interesting things that took me by surprise, and that's one of the things that I love best about new content -- the simple joy of discovery in a game I've been playing non-stop for three years.

How about you? Anything catch you by surprise today?

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