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Wii Ware specifics revealed

Candace Savino

IGN did a little talky talky about Wii Ware details, and what did we find out? Well, for one, Nintendo wants the games to be small. The maximum size for a Wii Ware title is 40 MB. Just to put this into perspective, the game size limit on XBLA used to be 50 MB and is now 250 MB, while Virtual Console games range from approximately 1 MB to 32 MB depending on their original system.

There are a bunch of titles already planned for Wii Ware (35 Nintendo ones, 65 thid party efforts), and IGN's Matt Casamassina knows of ten titles that are in the works. In order to prevent an influx of low quality games, though, Nintendo is limiting developers to one release per month. Most of these games are budgeted at $100,000 or less. As for pricing, the cost of purchasing games on Wii Ware will be determined by the developers and not Nintendo.

Everything seems "so far so good," but we know a few of you might have some qualms about the sizing. Without a hard drive, even 40 MB seems like a lot if you plan on downloading multiple Wii Ware titles. Also, some of you may be miffed that there is such a limit just because the Wii has no hard drive. We're all for simple games if they're done right, but we also want some more complex things to choose from.

Where do you stand?

[Via Nintendic]

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