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You say Mana. I say Manna.


The Ritual of Refreshment is available for Mages today, among other things. The Ritual of Refreshment produces stacks of Conjured Manna Biscuits just as the Soulwell produces healthstones for others to take as needed.

Conjured Manna Biscuits or Mana Biscuits? Which is right? Flaye reported it as a text bug, but Hortus confirms that Manna is the correct spelling.

Manna: Magical food. You may have heard it in a non-game context as "manna from heaven".

Mana: The resource pool that is used for casting spells in WoW.

So Manna, in this context, replenishes Mana (and Health). It may have been a better idea to call the food that restores both health and mana something like ambrosia or chocolate chip pancakes or something less confusing.

What do you think would have been a better name for the Conjured Manna Biscuits?

Mmmmm. Chocolate chip pancakes. Now I'm hungry. /afk

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