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3v3 team gets a 4th member... during a match!

Zach Yonzon

Weird things are afoot. According to this post over at the PvP forums, this 3v3 Arena Alliance team got a helping hand during one of their rated matches when they found themselves with a fourth member -- a Horde Paladin! Much to their surprise, and to the chagrin of the opposing team who happened to be Horde, the Paladin went on to heal the Alliance team on to an 18 point win. This is an interesting glitch on a couple of levels... it's interesting enough to have a fourth member on a 3v3 match, but this is one of the rare times that Horde and Alliance are even in the same party. It's even more interesting that the Horde Paladin got to heal his strange bedfellows. There's only one screenshot linked in the forums and the quality's not very good; but if it's an elaborate Photoshop hoax, it's a pretty thorough one.

Arenas pit same-faction members against each other, but having Alliance and Horde on the same team seems just ridiculous. What do you guys think? Have you ever seen a glitch like this? Have you ever found yourselves with an unexpected helping hand, particularly in Arenas? Since Arenas allow members of the same faction to duke it out, is it too much of a stretch to team up with sworn enemies?

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