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Breakfast topic: Where everybody knows your name


If there's one thing I learned from my last breakfast topic, it's that people like to talk about their servers. We have another server- and faction-specific question today, coming from a forum thread: Who is the best known player on your server? Morrath of Daggerspine further elaborates his question: "Whether they are a hero or a villain, there are certain people that make our servers what they are ... on every server there is a player that stands out from the rest, a person who everyone on that server knows one way or another."

Magtheridon has one WoW-wide celebrity: multiboxer extraordinaire Xzin. But we also have duelists Joho and Madmaxo, forum trolls Sarkasmos and Rohnaj, drama survivors Avelin and Lexipie -- and that's only Hordeside. Occasionally, someone sets up a quiz in the forums about e-famous Mag players: "What were the two guilds that blockaded Booty Bay? Who created the catchphrase 'doesn't go to u'? Who was the first Mag player to tell a reroller to go ____ themself?" It's nice to be on a server that has culture and history.

Who's the best known player on your server, and what are they known for?

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