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CHAI Skins are my cup of tea

Moo Money

Last week, CHAI Skins opened shop. Launa Fauna offered up five skin tones, with eight total makeups. They also came with a freckled option, and a lighting rig. On Saturday, she released three new skins. According to Ms. Fauna, she'll be coming out with new skins weekly, but that's not the best part. She's been taking the suggestions from her loyal customers and even basing new makeups around their real life looks, such as Mistress, which is based off of a picture of Mistress Midnight.

She currently has two locations, one in Freelon and the other in Port Seraphine. I strongly suggest that you shop at Port Seraphine, as the Freelon sim is mainland and was the target of grief last week. Purchasing her skins in bulk has never been easier. Each skin is priced at 1200L, however if you want more, you can simply purchase a store card for later use. Three skins cost 3000L, five cost 5000L, and a whopping 10 cost 9000L. This allows you to hold the card in your hand and buy only those you truly want, versus being stuck with makeups you may not like.

I'd also like to throw out a quick plug for her leather pants, which I'm wearing in the picture above, and her jeans. With careful highlighting and sculted legs, these pants do wonders for your figure. They're all available in a variety of colors, styles, and cuts, including capris!

[Thanks, Roslin!]

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