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Cryptic talks PvP in Marvel Universe Online

Amanda Rivera

It's awfully odd to be reporting about developers talking about game mechanics in Marvel Universe Online after we just let you know that there are rumors the game might never actually see the light of day. Personally, I take it as a sign of good faith that Geoff Tuffli of Cryptic Studios is discussing the challenges that arise when trying to create a PvP system in an MMO in his third article in a series of blogs about PvP considerations. Of course, at its core this is more of a philosophical discussion about MMOs in general than about the specific choices they are making with this particular project, but a girl can hope, right?

The first section of the article deals with the debate between persistent PvP environments versus instanced ones. With instances, such as in World of Warcraft battlegrounds, preselected teams can form up to battle in a controlled environment that includes quests, faction rewards, and tokens. On the other hand, a PvP system more like Dark Age of Camelot or Anarchy Online where the combat takes place in a more persistent environment allows players to build the ever-so-enjoyable guild grudge and fight over territory within the game. From reading through his article it looks like the Marvel Universe Online PvP system will lean more toward the persistent than the instanced, which is fine by me. As long as they actually let me play the game.

[via Warcry]

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