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Interact-TV's MediaPool delivers 3.75TB of fanless storage space

Darren Murph

Interact-TV really hasn't made a lot of noise since it unveiled the MyTellyHD Linux-based media server way back in January, but it's cranking things back to 11 with the MediaPool Home Entertainment Server. This bad boy comes stocked with 3.75TB of configurable storage space -- enough for around 750 DVDs -- and was designed to play nice with the firm's TellyVizionHD in order to create a swank PVR setup with near limitless room for content. Packed within the fanless MediaPool are five 750GB Seagate DB35-series HDDs, and all that open space can be linked up to your HTPC of choice via eSATA. The 3Gbps connection ensures that storing HD content won't be an issue, and the blue backlit-display on the device's front panel conveniently includes temperature readouts along with an overheat warning. Now, just as soon as we figure out how to sufficiently fill up nearly 4TB of HDD space with flicks, shows and tunes, we may consider picking one up -- if it hasn't been discontinued by then, that is.

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