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Interplay's Fallout profit to revive Earthworm Jim, MDK


Having made a hefty chunk of change by selling the Fallout name to Bethesda, Interplay is looking to resurrect some of its long dead franchises. First and foremost among many gamers are the Earthworm Jim and MDK franchises. Frankly, we like the idea of seeing more of both, but without the development talents of Shiny (we promise, they made great games before The Matrix came out) and BioWare in the case of MDK2, we have our doubts. Other franchises being considered for a reboot are Baldur's Gate (please, please, please) and Descent.

The information comes from an SEC filing stating that Interplay is looking to reinvigorate in-house development (they used to make good games too). While no specifics have been released, we can only hope that any games to emerge from Interplay's redoubled efforts will wind up on Xbox 360 (360 owners actually buy games, after all). Here's hoping the games are actually good.

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