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Miro 1.0

Scott McNulty

If you're into videoblogging, and it would seem that everyone is these days, then you have to check out Miro (you may know it as Democracy player). Billed as 'groundbreaking Internet TV software,' Miro 1.0, which was released yesterday, allows you to search, subscribe to, and view any number of video podcasts. A handy guide is built right into the client so you'll never be without content, but if you can't find something that strikes your fancy there the ability to search across a number of video sharing sites is also baked right into the app.

Miro allows you to organize your subscriptions in channels, create playlists, and much more. Miro, as you might expect, is free and requires OS X 10.3 (though 10.4 is required to play some videos). A Windows and Linux client is available as well, but who uses those platforms anymore?

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