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No Super Mario Galaxy 'R' Us

Eric Caoili

Yes, we made the trek to Toys "R" Us yesterday to purchase Super Mario Galaxy and take advantage of the "Free $25 Gift Card" offer, only to come out empty-handed. We haven't been this depressed since James died in Good Times.

We weren't the only ones who found ourselves sans Super Mario Galaxy, as many are reporting similar experiences with the toy superstore. Some locations only received enough copies to cover preorders, while others quickly sold out of their limited stock. In our case, as well as many of our reader's, we waited around for an hour with several dozen anxious customers before a manager announced that DHL hadn't made its delivery to the store. Hell was raised and magazine racks were knocked over, but to no avail.

How did your Toys "R" Us experience go? Were you able to acquire Super Mario Galaxy, the free gift card, and the preorder bonus coin without any problems? Or did you mope around all night like we did, walking aimlessly from room to room, head hanging dejectedly while the sad music from A Charlie Brown Christmas played.

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