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The farming scoop on 2.3 recipes

Amanda Miller

Although patch 2.3 has not even been live for 24 hours yet, information about many of the new profession recipes is already leaking. Through independent investigation, Kaliope has already dug up the dirt on several of the most anticipated new goodies.

For all of you fishermen out there who have been dying to get the brand new fishing book, you'll be pleased to note that it only took Kaliope two pools of wreckage in Zangarmarsh, which gave her four curious crates, before she nabbed it. Unfortunately, due to competition, pool spawns were proving somewhat scarce. If you can't wait a few days for the shores to clear, you can try pool spawns in Azeroth. While they may be less of a commodity, it will also take you longer to fish up your book.

If you tried out the new daily cooking quest, then it is possible you found a new recipe in your fishy (or meaty) loot box. While Kaliope had no such luck, I managed to get myself a disappointing Broiled Bloodfin. My guildmate had slightly better luck, and came away with Spicy Hot Talbuk. Being a hunter, I was hoping for Kibler's Bits, but I would have settled for something with a buff other than the standard 20 stamina and spirit.

If you're a leatherworker, and have had your eye set on the new 24 slot leatherworking bag, then head up to the Barrier Hills above Shattrath and start killing some ogres. I was expecting an intense farming experience, but Kaliope notes she received it in two kills, her guildmate in eight, and a friend within ten minutes.

Unfortunately, not every recipe hunt I went on myself was as charmed as Kaliope's. While attempting to hunt Gan'arg Analyzers for the schematic for the new Field Repair Bot 110G, I noticed a severe lack of such mobs. Also, I ran into an abundance of what appeared to me to be kill-crazy gnomes swooping around in their flying machines. I gave up after about ten kills, because achieving even this took me easily ten minutes. Attempts to acquire the new meta-gem recipe for jewelcrafting reportedly were also met with hefty competition.

What have your experiences been so far with the new crafting recipes?

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