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Ventrilo 3.0 hits the streets

Eric Vice

For you World of Warcraft players who are dealing with patch-related downtime and for others who find themselves with nothing to do, let me remind you of something. If you use Ventrilo for in-game voice chat for whatever game you play, and your Ventrilo host has made the upgrade to version 3.0 today, you'd better get into upgrading mode.

Although information seems to be sparse on the actual Ventrilo site (other than this changelog), I found a fair amount of information on the site of the Ventrilo provider that my guild uses.

From my understanding of the semi-cryptic explanation offered, version 2.3 clients will not communicate properly with version 3.0 servers, and version 3.0 clients will not communicate properly with version 2.3 servers. It would therefore be in your best interest to find out which version your host is running and act accordingly!

You can find the updated Windows client here, and the updated Mac client here.

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