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American PSN updates for November 15th

Jem Alexander

These PSN updates seem to be getting later and later don't they? Oh well, it's finally up and it's pretty good. Not amazing, by any stretch of the imagination (and there is something missing) but we can't really complain. Here's the full release list:
  • Toy Home demo (free)
  • Blazing Angels 2 demo (free)
  • PlayStation Network video (free)
  • Toy Home trailer (free)
  • High Velocity Bowling trailer (free)
  • PAIN launch trailer (free)
  • Uncharted "Meet The Dogs" video (free)
  • Ratchet & Clank "Animation" behind the scenes video (free)
  • Ratchet & Clank "Gameplay" behind the scenes video (free)
  • Timeshift video (free)
  • Time Crisis 4 trailer (free)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company trailer (free)
  • Burnout "Playgroud" video (free)
  • The Dark Knight movie trailer (free)
  • This Christmas movie trailer (free)
  • Remember That Night Blu-Ray trailer (free)
Put those wallets away! There's nothing on this list that will cost you any money. We were so impressed last week when we got some Guitar Hero 3 downloadable content on the same day as 360 owners. Seeing as how the "Boss Battles" song pack was released on Xbox Live today, we assumed that the same thing would happen this week.

Apparently not. We're quite disheartened by this, so excuse us while we tuck into a tub of ice cream and watch all of these Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted behind the scenes videos. Now, where did we put that last tub of Cookie Dough Ben & Jerry's ...

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