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Ask Engadget: Is it a good time to buy?


As evidenced by last week's Ask Engadget, it's pretty clear a few of you have an opinion on what to buy. But how about when? Ron wrote in wondering if the time is right for a new laptop:

"We're ready to replace our home laptop. Is it a good time to buy now or will there be many sales for Christmas time?"

Obviously plenty of sales are going to be cropping up around this time, but is he going to just end up with a dated clunker some big box was trying to clear its stock of? We suppose it differs between different tech categories. And for something like a laptop you've got to take into consideration generations of processor, graphics and connectivity technology -- if you're hoping to rock latest and greatest for any amount of time. Any tips for the man? And as always, you send in your questions to ask at engadget dawt com for your shot at harnessing the collective wisdom of Engadget's fine readers.

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