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BoE Epic throwing weapon pickpocketed

Eliah Hecht

Pickpocketing is one of my favorite things about the Rogue class. It adds some nice texture and a bit of extra cash to my grinding routine, keeps me stocked in Super Healing Potions and Flash Powder, and best of all, I can easily macro it along with my opening attack (usually Cheap Shot), so it doesn't even require an additional keystroke:
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Cheap Shot
Now, according to a few different reports around the official forums, there's a new reason to pick those pockets: epics.

The BoE epic throwing weapon Spinesever was, allegedly, found in a lockbox picked from a random mob in Shadowmoon Valley. There seems to be some debate over whether it's real or not, but it is on Thottbot, and it looks believable enough. Edit: it's real. It does have rather high stats, and is probably the best throwing weapon in the game. I wonder what the skin looks like. What do you think? Is there a better throwing weapon out there? And how much do you think this is worth? People are suggesting that this is considerably over-budget; I don't know the item level formulas well enough to verify that claim -- can any of you?

[Thanks, Gonçalo]

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